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by Joanne Gabriel

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The Planet 07:01
THE PLANET Spaceships are landing on the planet, fleeing the war that destroyed The Earth. Amongst the other refugees, I'm discovering this vast land. The world is dark and grey, ruled by dust and clouds. This is a permanent twilight. I can't remember anything about the war. I only know Humans fought against Humans, causing the exodus. And now the survivors are striving to settle down in this hostile land. The air is foul. We can barely breathe. There are rumours that it is poisoned and will kill us all. Many of us are already ill. There is almost no vegetation. This is a desert. Spaceships are still landing, raising clouds of dust. People are massing in makeshift camps, directed by soldiers. I'm trying not to breathe, and I'm wondering how long we will be able to resist the foul air. What makes us ill? The dust, or some component in the air? How can we live without light anyway? This is the planet. Welcome home Humankind.
The Machine 07:08
THE MACHINE I'm in a spaceship and inside a room filled by a machine. The walls of the room are covered with screens, knobs, digital diagrams and flashing lights. Amazed, I watch screens, and read the data. This is a library, yet more; it's the memory of Humankind; our whole history. Not only ours, but also the history of crowds, nations, and of each and every individual. In the middle of the room is a console, and a remote control. I pick it up and switch the power on. A hologram of a young man with a fair face, wrapped in white light, emanates from the console. He talks to me with a gentle voice. "I am the Entity", he says. "I am made of the souls of every Human being who died during the war. They are in me… they live in me. I am the sum of their souvenirs, memories, feelings and emotions. Through me you have the power to do anything you want. Tell me what your wish is and I will fulfill it." And here I stand, the remote control in my hand, swimming in white light. I am Almighty. What am I going to do with this power?
Air 08:38
AIR I can see the landscape stretched out in front of me. We need air! I breathe out; I want this breath to spread all over the planet. While I'm breathing, trees emerge on the surface of the planet. forests rise from the ground and breathe with me. Everywhere the trees grow, more and more trees, widening forests, green and profound. Air is diffused, it infuses the planet. Oxygen! Breathe my Planet, breathe, you now have lungs!
Water 06:12
WATER The forests are breathing, though they need water. I think about water, and brooks emerge gushing into the landscape. They multiply and widen... Large streams and broad rivers flow. While the water is pouring, while seas and oceans are rising, the forests have purified the air. The clouds are scattering, rays of light are breaking forth in the sky ...and the water is shimmering.
Life 04:59
LIFE There Is a sun! Was it there all along, hiding behind the clouds, or did it appear when the Planet was transformed? I don't know ...but the Planet is warming now. I can see movements, and I can hear sounds; Life is born, and it abounds! Animals are everywhere -- birds, fish, mammals, insects... I'm embracing the horizon. We're saved!
Architecture 06:35
ARCHITECTURE Now we need cities. I envision them, and they rise… vast and beautiful! White skyscrapers and walls of glass emerge from the ground. Architecture turns into works of art. Everywhere new buildings are rising... Museums, and libraries, galleries, arcades, and fountains. We can settle down in our new home and rest.
HOPELESS HUMANKIND I’ve been called, as there have been confrontations in the streets. Some persons have tried to steal things from others, and others have thrown the weakest out of their homes. There are wandering militias, and it's dangerous to wander the city. I go out and walk in the street, and before long I'm attacked. They can't harm me, I'm Almighty. I could even destroy them at once. What is wrong? I gave everyone everything they needed, and now they want more! Humankind is hopeless. I gave them a new planet, air to breathe and water to drink,food, homes and wealth, and they will still wage war among themselves. Now I have to make a decision. I go to The Machine.
THE HUMAN BRAIN I have gone to The Machine, and have called the Entity. I say: "I need you! All we have built is being destroyed. I think the issue is Human nature itself. They are swift to anger and jealousy. They have always been disposed to make war, and they always will unless we alter the Human brain. Please help me to increase the Human aptitude for love and wisdom, and decrease its aggressiveness. I'm not wise enough myself to make the right alterations.I need you to guide me." And He guides me, and we penetrate the mysterious pathways of the Human brain. We change the connections; we remove, and add, and alter. Humankind is now naturally capable of understanding and compassion... It is a Rebirth. We can live at peace in a beautiful world. I’m happy for the first time since I have been Almighty.
The Natives 04:46
THE NATIVES We had been living in peace for quite a long time, and suddenly they were here: the Natives, sailing on the seas with their large ships. They had abandoned their Planet long ago because it had become impossible to live here. Now that the Planet had been changed and become heavenly, they have returned. I don't know where they had gone all this time, or when they’d come back. When I woke up and saw the ships approaching, I knew at once that they perceived us as enemies. I don't want a war again.
Departure 07:09
DEPARTURE We are leaving. The Planet belongs to the natives. I have advised the Humans to leave; a proposition they have accepted. We are a wise and loving people. We will not fight for the Planet. It is even enjoyable to give the natives a beautiful new home where they will not be ill and famished. And as our spaceships take us towards our new life, all eyes look into the same direction. A giant sphere of fire has emerged, and as the flames slowly go out, a white light spreads all over it. I have already begun the work. For the first time I realize that I have not misused my power. I have not even been tempted to exploit it for myself. Epilogue The dream then flickered as I awoke, scattering into pieces… reality returned in the blink on an eye -- bringing with it the strange feeling that I have just taken a test...


Joanne Gabriel
Musictrade release MT025
Released: August 4, 2010
24bit / 44.1 kHz lossless FLAC encoding
Includes hi-res cover artwork.

Compositions, instruments and production: Joanne Gabriel
Texts: Joanne Gabriel (kindly revised by Geronimodeleon)
Mastering and artwork: Doc
Desert photo: Ji-Elle (CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0, commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Adrar-Reg_%283%29.JPG)
Joanne thanks: Doc, Geronimodeleon, KraftiM, Softspace, Alex, Mantra & Mojo


Joanne Gabriel is a guitarist and experimental music maker from Herbeuval, France. This is how Joanne describes her musical inspiration: "I have visions of remote soundscapes. Contemplation and dreams are my muses, nightmares and inner unrest feed my inspiration. I like when noise and ethereal meet and melt. I enjoy dirty mixes and weird effects. Mistakes are part of my work, unexpected outcome is my purpose. I love wandering in the world of sound, going astray for the sake of sheer emotion."

'Almighty' is Joanne's debut album on Musictrade. It is a bold, experimental work arising from a cosmic, visionary dream she had a long time ago. The dream was about our Planet Earth, and the story of the dream is recaptured in the accompanying text with a dedicated chapter for each song.

Released under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Track listing:

1 The Planet 7:01
2 The Machine 7:08
3 Air 8:38
4 Water 6:12
5 Life 4:59
6 Architecture 6:35
7. Hopeless Humankind 5:33
8. The Human Brain 15:01
9. The Natives 4:46
10. Departure 7:09

total duration 73:02



Foreword by Joanne Gabriel :

This story comes from a dream I had a very long time ago.
A dream that was like a movie which played from beginning to end;
a dream in which I was both a spectator, and the protagonist (as is typical of dreams...).
I remember waking up stunned from this dream, like I had really lived this experience.
I was amazed!
This dream came to me in a time in which a spiritual approach to life and important matters was food for my thoughts:
-How could I be a better person?
-What could I do to help things change around me?
These were typical questions for me.
Though the context of the dream was very symbolic,
I couldn't help but think about the response we would have if we were asked this question:
"What would you do if you were almighty?"
You know, similar to the three wishes story...
What would come to our mind first?
What do we deeply wish for?
I don't know what my answer to this question would have been (at that time) while conscious,
but this was the response given by my Unconscious...
A response which, made me thoughtful for years, and inspired this project...


released August 4, 2010

Joanne Gabriel




Joanne Gabriel France

I'm a writer and music maker hailing from France.
I use words to create worlds, and music to explore them.

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